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The Last Escape Of Billy The Kid, Lincoln New Mexico
The Last Escape of Billy The Kid” is a Folk Pageant centering around the life of the legendary outlaw, Billy the Kid. This Pageant was first presented in the year 1940.

The episodes of the pageant are based on historical facts of the notorious Lincoln County War, and in particular its focus is centered upon the best remembered of its fighters, Billy the Kid. The Pageant portrays many scenes to include the killing of John Tunstall which precipitated Billy's wrathful vengeance, the Battle of Blazer's Mill in which the courageous "Buckshot Roberts" stood off Billy and his twelve cohorts, the siege of the McSween House, up to Billy's incarceration in the Lincoln County Courthouse and his remarkable escape.

Many of the players are descendants of the original Pageant participants. The players still live the Western life they portray in the Pageant. These people have gladly donated their time, energy and possessions. They are the real heroes of this Folk Play - one of the very few remaining in the United States made up entirely of local players without any professional help.

       This is unique and living Folk Art!